Explore the science and film the future.

We facilitate novel and diverse science communication through distributive filmmaking.

We believe there is a breakdown in trust as the power of science and new technologies to reshape the future overwhelms the ability of society to absorb it.

Film has incredible power to reach diverse communities and change opinions. Our program allows dispersed teams of filmmakers, scientists, and community influencers to explore topics together. Our platform engages the public to create personally relevant versions for sharing.

Our multi-year quest is to propagate factual science content focused on topics of importance that will shape a future we want to live in.

The Vaccine Question | Genomic Revolution  |  Valley of Shadow |  Commercial Spaceflight

Financial Support

Pittsburgh Liver Research Center
University of Arizona
University of Pittsburgh
Arizona State University


Closing the Communication Gap

Core Values

To facilitate this global conversation, we encompass key elements that are tailored to address the current needs for safe and effective communication in an online creative space.

  • Accuracy by

    Content is vetted by experts before it is shared with the public. Moderation by team members and experts is infused throughout every step of our process.

  • Visual

    Stories are the core of human life experiences and film is an effective medium to communicate because our brains are wired to learn through story.

  • Creative

    Humans are social creatures who need to connect and creativity builds social engagement.

  • Cultural

    International collaboration promotes empathetic communication as it broadens our perspectives.

  • Active

    Promotes learning by actively creating a story narrative with professional filmmakers on a focused topic with experts.

how it works

Connecting global scientists, filmmakers, and community influencers to create vetted stories. The films will be accessible to the public through an online collaborative approach that puts them in the editor’s chair to create further science content for sharing to their social network.


  • Yearly Focus Area

    Revolutionary technologies related to the future of humanity, such as gene editing, techlash, and commercial spaceflight are chosen as an area of focus, one topic per year. Learn more about our inaugural focus area. The Vaccine Question

  • Storyteams

    International scientists, filmmakers, and community influencers tell stories together about the science, social, ethical, and regulatory implications surrounding the topic.

  • Vetted Stories are Made

    The short clips are uploaded into our distributive online platform, powered by Filmstacker technology. Together the team makes short films that are vetted by the experts.

  • Public Engagement

    The international community is invited to explore, watch, and make their own short films. We put them in the editor’s chair to craft a custom version that is culturally relevant.

  • Impact Partners Amplify

    The reach of Tomorrow Life will expand into classrooms around the world, have a greater presence online and in the media, and develop to enrich more lives through the support of our network of impact partners.