Convene collective voices to build a positive tomorrow.

In light of rapid technological development and unsolved challenges of our future, Tomorrow life strives to engage public and various stakeholders in dialogues about our collective future.

Featured Topic

GESDA Summit

Explore with world leaders how the future shapes the present at the first Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator summit.


Financial Support

Pittsburgh Liver Research Center
University of Arizona
University of Pittsburgh
Arizona State University


Closing the Communication Gap

Core values

To facilitate this global conversation, we encompass key elements that are tailored to address the current needs for safe and effective communication in an online creative space.

  • Storytelling

    Stories are the core of human life experiences and an effective medium to communicate because our brains are wired to learn through story.

  • Creative

    Humans are social creatures who need to connect, and creativity builds social engagement.

  • Global

    International collaboration promotes empathetic communication as it broadens our perspectives.

how it works

  • We catalyze this dialogue by utilizing the power of storytelling and participatory experiences.
  • We amplify the impact of local live experiences through reaching out to and engage an online audience.
  • We focus on topics that are of importance to our future generation and directly influence their lives: Human Augmentation technologies, AI, climate change and planet.
  • We build partnership with other organizations that share our mission.


  • Live Events

    In person events that generate dialogue with scientists, technologists, other stakeholders, and the public

  • Collaborative Film

    Create collaborative films created by the event participants to social media

  • Synthesis

    Generate new questions and solutions that inform the next event

  • Public Engagement

    The international community is invited to explore, watch, and make their own short films. We put them in the editor’s chair to craft a custom version that is culturally relevant.

  • Expand story telling modalities

    Work with artists to create new live events that could include theatre, feature films, games, role playing, and participatory experiences